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        ?Franchising Opportunities

        International Biosciences is the trading name of General Genetics Corporation who in turn has either subsidiary companies or franchise partners in various countries around the world. We would be interested to hear from potential franchise partners and are offering a contract which provides full technical, scientific and office/IT support.

        We are committed to establishing a presence in the following territories; please contact franchise@ibdna.com for more details or click on the ‘available’ link for the region you are interested in.

        Region Current Status
        Argentina available
        Australasia available
        Benelux available
        Brazil available
        Canada available
        Central Europe available
        China available
        Far East available
        France available
        Germany available
        Greece available
        India Unavailable
        Israel available
        Italy available
        Japan available
        Malaysia Interested Party Registered
        Mexico available
        Middle East available
        Pakistan available
        Russia available
        Scandinavian available
        Slovakia available
        South Africa available
        South Korea available
        Spain available
        Taiwan available
        Turkey available
        UK & Eire Unavailable
        USA available
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