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        Dog DNA Tests

        Quick, easy and affordable DNA tests

        International Biosciences offers several Dog DNA testing services which can help dog owners to ensure the overall well-being of their canine. Our product portfolio includes breed identification testing, allergy testing, parentage testing and inherited disease testing. Test results are 99.99% accurate. Order the dog DNA test you need today!

        DNA My Dog Canine Genetic Age Test
        FROM £58! Order now

        What is the?biological age of your dog??Is it higher than average because they had a life of medical issues?
        What about?their?breed composition??What exercise routines can you expect from each breed in your dog?
        Priced at?only £95, the?Canine Genetic Age test can help you answer all these?questions and much more.
        Order this Dog DNA test today and let us help you learn more about your canine’s history and wellness!

        Dog Parentage Test
        £129 Order now

        A dog parentage test is a means of accurately determining the parent/s of a dog.
        If you plan to have a successful breeding programme and build a sound reputation
        amongst dog breeders, dog parentage testing is a valuable tool.

        Dog Inherited Disease & Trait Test
        £49 Order now

        Do you wish your dog to live a longer and healthier life? Do you want to know
        what diseases your dog might be genetically predisposed to in order to take
        the necessary measures to mitigate the risks or eliminate them altogether?

        Wisdom Panel? 2.0
        Dog Breed Identification test
        £69 Order now

        Do you want to discover more about your dog’s breed and ancestry? If so,
        our test can help you learn about your canine’s tendencies, unique appearance
        and health requirements. A simple cheek swab is all that is required.

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