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        Health & Wellbeing Testing

        Quick, easy and affordable DNA tests

        IBDNA offers a wide range of health and wellbeing DNA tests to find out what diseases or conditions you might be genetically predisposed to having. So safeguard against them with our Genetic Predisposition DNA tests!

        SkinCareDNA Test
        £139 Order now

        The SkinCareDNA test means taking your skin care regime to the next level. Those early
        signs of ageing, wrinkling and pigmentation can now be better managed or perhaps become
        a thing of the past thanks to a simple DNA test that can unveil the path to more supple
        and healthier looking skin.

        DNA Diet and Healthy Weight Test
        £119 Order now

        Get your genes to work in your favour, lose that weight and keep it off.
        Understand how knowing your genes can dramatically improve wellness and help
        you tweak your diet and lifestyle.

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